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Relax at beautiful and unspoilt beaches, take a refreshing dip in the crystal clear waters of the sea and watch the numerous sailing boats passing by while indulging in the best of many culinary delights.
Be adventurous and go on a boat trip yourself or enjoy the stunning coastal scenery on a hiking trip.
Greece never fails to amaze any visitor with the sheer scope of its offering in beautiful scenery, ancient cultures and welcoming hospitality.
With approximately 1,400 islands, the choices are endless – what are you waiting for?
Let your journey begin on board a Qatar Airways flight to Athens and connect onwards with our partner airline to take you to colourful destinations and explore hidden gems the 5-star way!
 *Terms & conditions apply.

Exclusive fares to Greece
From To Economy Class all-inclusive fares starting from Business Class all-inclusive fares starting from
Kuwait (KWI) Alexandropoulos (AXD)  KWD 171 Book KWD 656 Book
Kuwait (KWI) Ioannina (IOA)  KWD 171 Book KWD 656 Book
Kuwait (KWI) Mykonos (JMK)  KWD 171 Book KWD 656 Book
Kuwait (KWI) Santorini (JTR)  KWD 171 Book KWD 656 Book
Kuwait (KWI) Mytilene (MJT)  KWD 171 Book KWD 656 Book
Kuwait (KWI) Chania (CHQ)  KWD 171 Book KWD 656 Book
Kuwait (KWI) Heraklion (HER)  KWD 171 Book KWD 656 Book
Kuwait (KWI) Kos (KGS)  KWD 171 Book KWD 656 Book
Kuwait (KWI) Rhodes (RHO)  KWD 171 Book KWD 656 Book
Kuwait (KWI) Thessaloniki (SKG) KWD 171 Book KWD 656 Book

Terms and conditions

  • Sales period: 14th June 2015 until 30th June 2015.
  • Travel period: 16th June 2015 until 30th November 2015.
  • Travel Blackout Dates: 18th June - 27th June / 15th July - 25th July
  • offer is valid for tickets purchased online at qatarairways.com
  • Seats are limited and are subject to availability of the relevant booking class.
  • Fares include all applicable discounts, fees, taxes and airport charges.
  • Tickets are non-endorsable, and non-transferable.
  • This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions.
  • Other terms & conditions apply, please review at the time of booking.

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