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Casablanca is widely regarded as
the most important city of Morocco,
due to its key economic, commercial,
industrial and shipping activities.
The modernity lies in stark contrast
to the narrow streets of the old town’s
medina and the bustling souks that
lie in the shadows of traditional
and colonial-style buildings. The
Casablanca of today is a wonderful
place to visit.
Start exploring the city with a visit to
the massive Hassan II Mosque, one
of the largest in the world. With its
glass floor, magnificent architecture
and its view of the Atlantic, you will
be left speechless. Let your curiosity
get the better of you when you head
over to Old Town, a labyrinth of tiny
streets and tall, dusty buildings.
When it comes to dining, Casablanca
offers an international array of
cuisine. These include Asian, French,
Mexican, Italian and American.
including fresh seafood at Marche
Centrale, the famous central market
place in Casablanca. Complete your
dinner with the famous Moroccan ice
Morocco is your paradise for
traditional handmade crafts. The
colourful patterned carpets of
Morocco are popular with visitors.
These are made by hand and sold in
shops lining alleyways around the
city. Ceramics and pottery and woven
textiles are popular purchases too.
City Breaks : Morocco - Casablanca
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