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Passport & Visa
Please check the passport and visa requirements before you leave for your holiday.
Your travel consultant or the relevant embassy can provide you with more information.
If you are an expatriate resident in the country where you live, check the required travel conditions of
your residence visa as well with the relevant authorities.
Travel Insurance
For a peaceful journey, we strongly recommend that you purchase adequate travel insurance
when you book your holiday. Most insurance companies offer comprehensive policies that cover
medical expenses, cancellations, personal accident, etc.
Health and Vaccination
To enjoy a trouble-free holiday, consult your doctor well in advance of your travel date, regarding
preventive vaccinations and medicines against diseases such as malaria, hepatitis, yellow
fever, cholera and others. Consult your travel agent for vaccination requirements (if any) of the
destination you intend to travel to.
What to pack
Check the climate at the destination closer to your date of travel.Winter clothes? Or the sundress?
How to get there
Find out the best transportation options around your accommodation. Even if you have booked a
transfer from the airport, you still want to know your best choices of transport if you leave your
accommodation for a sightseeing tour, shopping, etc.
Foreign Currency and Credit Card
Take enough money for your trip and have back-up funds aside from what you plan to spend.
Make sure you can use your credit card abroad. It is always good to notify your bank that you will
be travelling and spending money on your card outside the country, so they know those are safe
transactions made by the cardholder.
Contact Numbers
Carry a list of important contact numbers that you may need during your trip, and leave your
contact details with a friend or relative back home.
efore you go…
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