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Explore Africa with our great value offer

Explore the second largest continent in the world- Africa. Blessed with jungles, deserts and even a glacier, The only continent that covers all four hemispheres. Africa is a place of superlatives.

Fly with the world’s 5-Star Airline to the diverse and cultural continent of Africa, with great value offers to Cairo, Casablanca, Dar es Salaam, Entebbe, Johannesburg, Khartoum, Kigali, Lagos, Nairobi and many more cities.

From To Fares (Inclusive of taxes)
Amritsar Cairo 50,500 INR
Amritsar Dar es Salaam 48,500 INR
Amritsar Nairobi 47,000 INR
Ahmedabad Cape Town 59,000 INR
Ahmedabad Dar es Salaam 44,500 INR
Ahmedabad Entebbe 49,500 INR
Ahmedabad Johannesburg 47,500 INR
Ahmedabad Nairobi 42,000 INR
Bengaluru Johannesburg 55,000 INR
Bengaluru Lagos 59,000 INR
Bengaluru Nairobi 44,500 INR
Chennai Cairo 35,500 INR
Chennai Nairobi 45,000 INR
Delhi Cairo 54,500 INR
Delhi Dar es Salaam 42,500 INR
Delhi Johannesburg 54,500 INR
Delhi Lagos 51,000 INR
Delhi Nairobi 43,000 INR
Goa Cape Town 62,000 INR
Goa Dar es Salaam 49,000 INR
Goa Johannesburg 60,000 INR
Goa Lagos 57,000 INR
Goa Nairobi 48,000 INR
Hyderabad Algiers 64,000 INR
Hyderabad Cape Town 56,000 INR
Hyderabad Dar es Salaam 54,000 INR
Hyderabad Entebbe 54,000 INR
Hyderabad Johannesburg 56,000 INR
Hyderabad Khartoum 49,000 INR
Hyderabad Maputo 58,500 INR
Hyderabad Tunis 54,000 INR
Kochi Cairo 35,000 INR
Kochi Dar es Salaam 46,000 INR
Kochi Lagos 75,500 INR
Kochi Nairobi 50,500 INR
Kolkata Cairo 51,000 INR
Kolkata Nairobi 49,000 INR
Kozhikode Cape Town 70,500 INR
Kozhikode Dar es Salaam 51,500 INR
Kozhikode Entebbe 51,000 INR
Kozhikode Johannesburg 64,500 INR
Kozhikode Kigali 65,000 INR
Kozhikode Lagos 69,500 INR
Kozhikode Nairobi 50,000 INR
Mumbai Cape Town 43,500 INR
Mumbai Casablanca 52,500 INR
Mumbai Dar es Salaam 38,500 INR
Mumbai Entebbe 41,500 INR
Mumbai Khartoum 49,000 INR
Mumbai Lagos 48,500 INR
Mumbai Nairobi 35,500 INR
Thiruvananthapuram Dar es Salaam 47,500 INR
Thiruvananthapuram Johannesburg 62,500 INR
Thiruvananthapuram Khartoum 44,500 INR
Thiruvananthapuram Nairobi 50,500 INR

 Terms & Condition

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  • Attractive fares to Africa is available Ex-India to selected Qatar Airways online destinations only. 
  • The fares include taxes, fees and surcharges, which are subject to change due to currency fluctuations.
  • Valid on Qatar Airways flights only.
  • Sales validity: On/before 17th April 2014.
  • Travel validity from India: Out-bound travel until 31st October 2014.
  • Fares updated are correct as on 09th April 2014.
  • Attractive fares also available to other destinations in Africa
  • Blackout period apply, please check at the time of booking.
  • Minimum and Maximum stay condition apply, please check at the time of booking.
  • Seats are limited and hence subject to availability and not guaranteed until the purchase is completed.
  • Refund / Reissue Charges apply as per the fare rule, please check at the time of booking.
  • Other conditions apply, please review at the time of booking.
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  • For more details contact your closest Qatar Airways office or call on 079-3061 6000.