Qbiz terms and conditions

A. General

i. These Terms and Conditions govern your participation as a Member of Qbiz. 

ii. Qatar Airways reserves the right to make amendments to these Terms and Conditions at any time for security, legal or regulatory reasons and/or to reflect changes in the operation of the Program. Qatar Airways may at any time modify, withdraw, replace, amend or add to the Program (such as but not limited to changes in rules regarding earning or redeeming Qmiles and any charges applicable from time to time). Any such amendment shall be effective from the date of publication on qatarairways.com/qbiz.

iii. Qatar Airways will endeavour to give as much advance notice as practicable of any material changes by posting a notice on the Qbiz homepage or by email.

iv. If you do not agree to any amendment to these Terms and Conditions you may terminate your membership at any time by writing to Qbiz stating that you no longer wish to be a Member.

v. The current version of the Qbiz Terms and Conditions shall be published on our website from time to time.


B. Definitions

The following terms used in these Terms and Conditions shall have the meaning set out below, unless the context requires otherwise:

Account means the membership account assigned to a Member.

Award means a Benefit that Qatar Airways makes available to Members in exchange for Qmiles.

Benefits mean the benefits, services and facilities from time to time available to Members provided by Qatar Airways.

Closest Departure City means the closest airport or city where the Company is based and where Qatar Airways is operating.

Company means a private corporate entity that is duly licensed, registered and in existence with the competent authorities in the relevant country of application.

Conditions of Carriage means the conditions of travel on Qatar Airways, as amended from time to time, available on qatarairways.com.

Corporate Travel Incentive Agreement means a contract in writing between Qatar Airways and a Company detailing a specific travel incentive arrangement for travel on Qatar Airways network.

Flown Ticket means a ticket which has been used due to Member’s travel.

Local Qbiz Team means a team across the Qatar Airways network managing the Qbiz Program for the local Accounts in that country.

Marketing Carrier means an airline which sells tickets for a flight under its own code.  The Marketing Carrier may be different from the Operating Carrier.

Member means any Company who is registered as a member of the Qbiz Program.

Membership Number means the Qbiz number allocated in accordance with section C3 of these Terms and Conditions.

Operating Carrier means the airline that operates a flight

Pin Code means the alpha-numeric code assigned to the Member which must be used when logging into the Account.

Primary Contact means a company executive involved in the travel management of the employees who will be notified of any Qmiles movement from the Account.

Privacy Policy means Qatar Airways' Privacy Policy, as amended from time to time, published on qatarairways.com.

Privilege Club means the Qatar Airways Privilege Club frequent flyer program and any successor programs.

Program Administrator means a duly authorised employee of the Company who will administer and monitor the Company's participation in the Qbiz Program on the Company’s behalf and redeem Qmiles for Awards and Upgrades for travelling employees of the Company.

Qatar Airways means Qatar Airways Q.C.S.C.

Qatar Airways Qbiz Administrator means a Qatar Airways staff designated to administer Qbiz Program at the local Sales team and will be the point of contact for internal and external queries. Click here to view our Qbiz contact details worldwide.

qatarairways.com means the Qatar Airways website pages, as amended from time to time, at www.qatarairways.com

Qbiz Program means the Qatar Airways Qbiz corporate loyalty program and any successor programs.

Qbiz Track Code is provided to the Company along with the Qbiz membership number and Pin Code. It is inserted at the time of booking / ticketing through Qatar Airways Offices or Travel Agencies in order to track the revenue of the Company and to auto-credit the Qmiles to the Member’s Account.

Qmiles means the redeemable credits earned by a Member and credited to an Account in accordance with section E.

qatarairways.com/qbiz means the Qbiz program website pages, as amended from time to time, at www.qatarairways.com/qbiz

Qmiles + Cash Award means a type of Award ticket issued in accordance with section G.2

Qmiles Expiry Date means 31st December in each year.

Terms and Conditions mean these terms and conditions for the Qbiz Program as amended from time to time.

Transaction means any activity which results in a Member earning or spending Qmiles.

Travel Budget means the annual cost budgeted by a company to utilise specifically for travel related expenses.


C. Joining the Qbiz Program

1. The Qbiz Program is available to Companies only. Travel agent, ticket brokerage firm/consolidator, or organisations involved in Qatar Airways marketing, promotions, advertising or consulting activities are excluded from the Qbiz Program.

2. To apply for membership a Company must complete an online application form available at qatarairways.com/qbiz.

3. Upon approval of your application, Qatar Airways will assign a Membership Number, Track Code and Online Account Pin Code to each Member.

3.1 A Membership Number or Qbiz number is required to log-in online and access the   Account information. When a Member makes a flight booking online through qatarairways.com, the Member’s Qbiz number shall be included in the designated field in the passenger details page to automatically earn Qmiles.
3.2 The Qbiz Track Code should be updated by the travel agent in the flight booking through the Other Service Information (OSI) field.
3.3 Your Online Account Pin Code with Membership number is used to access the Account information online.

4. Your participation in Qbiz will commence once a welcome email with the Account’s information is received by your Program Administrator and/or Primary Contact.

5. Your membership is not transferable and each Company can only hold one (1) Account at any time.

6. As a standard procedure, Qatar Airways will send all correspondence to the email address that the Member has identified during registration and may also send certain communications by SMS using the details identified in the Account.  The Member shall immediately inform Qatar Airways of any change of Program Administrator and Primary Contact or contact details.

7. Notwithstanding the other provisions of these Terms and Conditions, Qatar Airways may at its sole and absolute discretion to accept or reject any application for membership.


D. Updating the Account Profile

1. The Member/Company is required to keep the Account information updated at all times. Every time the information is updated in the Account, the Pin Code will be reset and a new Pin Code will be sent to the email addresses registered in the Account.

2. The Company’s name, address or registration details in the Account profile are not allowed. In the event the Company requires amending the details provided, a new application should be submitted. In these circumstances, any unused Qmiles will be available for redemption within ninety (90) days from the date of Account cancellation. Failure to redeem the Qmiles balance will result in forfeiture of those Qmiles.

3. For Pin Code reset, please do so online or by submitting a request to qbiz@qatarairways.com.qa .


E. Earning Qmiles

1. Qmiles are earned based on these Terms and Conditions on tickets which are issued after a Membership is approved. Any travelling employee or officer of the Member will earn Qmiles based on the terms and conditions of the Privilege Club.

2. Update the Qbiz Track Code in each booking to earn Qmiles. Please refer to the Qbiz FAQs at qatarairways.com/qbiz on the procedure or contact Qatar Airways Qbiz Administrators
3. Qmiles for Flown Tickets on travel operated by Qatar Airways and British Airways and marketed by Qatar Airways are earned namely by:
a. Tickets issued on Qatar Airways market fares or IATA published fares;
b. Group tickets on Qatar Airways market fare levels;

c. Tickets issued on Qatar Airways specialty fares;
d. Tickets issued on Qatar Airways promotional fares
e. Tickets issued against Q Vouchers;
f. Tickets issued on qatarairways.com dedicated sites; and 
g. Tickets issued on contracted Travel Agency fares.

4. Qmiles are not earned for:
a. Award tickets issued using Qmiles or any equivalent in another loyalty program;
b. Lost, refunded, forfeited, unused, exchanged or expired tickets;
c. Tickets with any type of discount over market/published rates. This includes group discounted tickets, promotional tickets, corporate discounted tickets, free of charge tickets, charter flights, complimentary tickets, agent/tour and travel industry discount tickets, airline staff travel tickets, rebate tickets and any prize ticket;
d. Cancelled flights or flights which are transferred to another airline due to circumstances beyond Qatar Airways’;
e. Flights ticketed to children under 12 (twelve) and/or infants under two (2) years of age; or
f. Tickets purchased to carry additional baggage or to provide extra space for the Member.
g. Qmiles if the flight is already credited in another Qbiz account. Qatar Airways reserves the right to deduct any Qmiles if the same flight is credited with Qmiles on any other Qbiz Member.

5. Qmiles are computed based on the fare of the ticket excluding the taxes and other fees
a. Qmiles for Qatar Airways market/published and specialty fares are computed based on the full Qmiles equivalent of the fare.
b. Qmiles for Qatar Airways promotional fares earn 50% Qmiles equivalent of the Qatar Airways market/published and specialty fares.
6. Qmiles are valid for a maximum of two (2) years and will expire on the 31st of December each year. Example: all Qmiles earned between 1st January to 31st December 2015 will expire by 31st December 2016.  Qmiles expiry is processed at 23:59 Doha local time (GMT+3) on the Qmiles expiry date.

7. Flight activities of the previous month are processed from the 8th of the current month and will be credited within twenty four (24) hours. Example: All flight activities in April 2016 will be processed for Qmiles crediting from the 8th of May and should reflect in the statement of account of the Member not later than 9th of May, 2016.

8. In the event of a discrepancy between the reported revenue generated between the Company and Qatar Airways, the revenue accounting system reports generated by Qatar Airways will prevail.

9. Qmiles Top-up – effective 1st April 2016, Members are allowed to buy Qmiles up to 60,000 miles in a calendar year provided that they have earned a minimum of 3,000 Qmiles after joining Qbiz. Qmiles can be purchased in blocks of 1,000 at a time and such purchase is non-refundable. The price of Qmiles top-up transaction is based on the number of Qmiles bought in a transaction and is cheaper when purchased online through QR.com as compared to offline via Qatar Airways ticket offices. Members may obtain details on the rates when Members log-in to their Qbiz account. Purchased Qmiles’ validity is the same as the regular Qmiles (refer to E.6.).

10. If the Member goes into liquidation, receivership or change of administration, the Member will no longer be able to earn further Qmiles and the Company will no longer be able to redeem Qmiles for Awards from the date of such event.


F. Missing Qmiles

1. The Member is responsible for ensuring that any and all Qmiles have been properly credited to the Member's Account. Statements can be accessed online at qatarairways.com/qbiz.

2. If Qmiles for flights with Qatar Airways are not credited to the Account, please contact our Qbiz Administrators.


G. How to spend your Qmiles

Members can redeem Qbiz Qmiles for award tickets, cabin upgrades and ancillary service on Qatar Airways.

1. Full Qmiles Award ticket redemption – Award ticket is redeemed by Qmiles only.

2. Qmiles + Cash Award ticket redemption - A lower number of Qmiles is used to redeem an Award ticket and the balance is paid in cash.  However, Qmiles must account for at least fifty (50) per cent of the Award ticket’s value.  Qmiles + Cash Awards are offered only on flights marketed and operated by Qatar Airways.  The cash portion of the Award ticket will be rounded up and quoted based on the currency used for payment. 

3. Cabin upgrade redemption – A flight booking is upgraded to a higher cabin using Qmiles. A confirmed paid ticket should be issued prior to the cabin upgrade using Qmiles. A ticket can only be upgraded from Qmiles of one (1) Qbiz Member. Combination of Qmiles from several Qbiz Members or with Privilege Club earned Qmiles is not permitted.

4. Excess Baggage – An excess baggage award may be redeemed for a ticketed booking marketed and operated by Qatar Airways. Once redemption is confirmed, an Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD) stating the details of the excess baggage award redemption associated with your employee or officer’s flight booking will be sent to your Qbiz account’s nominated email ID. The EMD needs to be presented during check-in for validation. Should there be changes in your employee or officer’s flight bookings associated with the approved excess baggage award, Qatar Airways must be inform with the new flight details not later than twenty –four (24) hours prior to departure. Failure to inform Qatar Airways may mean that the excess baggage is unavailable at check-in. Once redeemed, excess baggage awards are non-refundable even if not utilized. For more details on the Qmiles requirement, the Member may log-in to its Account online.


H. What to remember on Qmiles Redemption

1. Qatar Airways Award tickets and cabin upgrades are:
1.1 applicable to specific flights and are subject to seat availability.
1.2 processed through the online Account access or any Qatar Airways sales offices.
not used or cancelled within one (1) year from the original date of issue will expire and you will not receive a refund.
1.3 not issued for open date tickets or flights where the passenger is waitlisted. 
1.4 subject to all taxes, duties, surcharges, passenger service charges, visa costs and any other customs or government imposed taxes. However, some taxes may be incorporated into, and therefore form part of, your Qmiles Award where this is required by local laws or regulations.
1.5 are subject to availability.

2. Award bookings can be changed or cancelled provided that the request is done within the time limits set by Qatar Airways for such flight. Note that Award fees may apply. The failure to cancel or change the Award booking within the applicable time limit, will cause Qatar Airways system to deem the Award used, and no Qmiles refund will be done. The Awards issued on a promotional basis may not be eligible for changes or cancellations. 

3. Members are advised that Qatar Airways:
3.1 imposes time limits for processing Award tickets and cabin upgrades.  The failure of a Member to complete the Award booking within the applicable time limits, will grant Qatar Airways the right to cancel any incomplete Award bookings once the time limitation has elapsed.
3.2 may limit the number of seats available for Award travel on particular flights. Award seats may not be available on all flights or in all classes.
3.3 if an Award ticket of a flight operated by Qatar Airways is rescheduled, cancelled or discontinued, Qatar Airways will use reasonable efforts to transport you on the next flight operated by Qatar Airways to the destination specified in the itinerary.
3.4 cannot guarantee seat availability on future flights.
3.5 issues all Award tickets redeemed with Qmiles.
3.6 will not refund Qmiles to an Account if an Award ticket is partially used.
3.7 applies Award fees when Awards are booked with less than 7 days prior to departure.
3.8 applies Award fees per passenger and the quoted value will be rounded up based on the currency used for payment. Details on Award fees are available on qatarairways.com/qbiz. 
3.9 Award tickets are forfeited when a passenger is considered as “No Show” in the flight. No Show applies when a flight is not cancelled prior to your scheduled departure. No Show periods varies depending on the country of origin. Contact any Qatar Airways sales offices to confirm time limitations.
3.10  Applies a redeposit fee of Qmiles after refund of Award Ticket. Please refer to qatarairways.com/qbiz for rates.

4. Reissued Award Tickets due to rebooking or rerouting will maintain the validity of the original issued ticket and cannot be extended.

5. To cancel an Award Ticket and apply for a refund then:
5.1 if the Award Ticket is issued online, refund should be applied online through the Account online access. Once the successful submission notification is received, contact any of Qatar Airways sales office to process the request to redeposit the Qmiles of the refunded Award Ticket to the Account.
5.2 if the Award Ticket is issued offline, visit any Qatar Airways sales offices to process the refund.


I. Promotions

1. Qatar Airways offers promotions to Qbiz Members. Each promotion shall be governed by its respective terms and conditions which will be made available at the time of the promotion. 

2. Qatar Airways may limit promotions offered in connection with Qbiz program to specific Members based on location.

3. Some promotions may not be combined with other Awards, promotions, coupons, discounts or special offers.  Qatar Airways will only apply the promotion that offers the highest benefit or recognition. However, some promotions may be combined.  For example, where there is a need to quote a promotional code at the time of purchasing a ticket or when redeeming an Award, the promotional code will be effective regardless of any other offer which applies to the Transaction. 


J. Termination of Membership

1. A Member may terminate its membership at any time by submitting an email to qbiz@qatarairways.com.qa or a letter through your local Qbiz team.
Upon receipt of the request, Qatar Airways will close the Account and forfeit all accrued Qmiles, including unused Award tickets.

2. Qatar Airways may at its sole and absolute discretion upgrade a Company Account to Corporate Travel Incentive Agreement and in such case will close the Account after written notice.

3. Qatar Airways may suspend or terminate a membership at any time with immediate effect if:

a. There is involvement, or Qatar Airways reasonably suspects an involvement in, a fraudulent, irregular, dishonest or suspicious Transaction in connection with the Account, the Account of another Member.  Examples include (without limitation):
i. altering documents to procure Qmiles;
ii. knowingly supplying incorrect information to accrue Qmiles;
iii. attempting to procure Qmiles for flights which a Company travelling employees has not flown or is not eligible for Qmiles; and
iv. using or attempting to use stolen or counterfeit tickets; or

b. in the event Qatar Airways considers that a behaviour or action constitutes misconduct.  Examples include (without limitation):
i. failure to comply with these Terms and Conditions or the Conditions of Carriage;
ii. misuse of Benefits which are available to Members; and
iii. using threatening, abusive or insulting language or behaving in a threatening, abusive or insulting manner when dealing with any staff or representatives of Qatar Airways

c. The Account remains inactive for a consecutive twelve (12) month period.
d. The Account activities are below the approved minimum travel spend of Qbiz.
e. The Company is subjected to bankruptcy or insolvency proceedings, it ceases to exist, or is subject to a change of control.

4. In the event a membership is terminated, then Qatar Airways:

4.1 will inform the Member in writing. Such communication will state the membership is suspended or terminated, and the reason
4.2 may cancel all accrued and accruing Qmiles and Benefits (including unused Award tickets). The Member/Company will be liable to Qatar Airways for the full price of any Benefit booked or used wholly or partly in connection with any fraudulent or dishonest activity.  This price will be calculated in accordance with the published fare or price applicable to such Benefit together with any reasonable costs, including legal fees, incurred by Qatar Airways.

5. In all cases except for J 3(e) above, Qatar Airways will write to you stating your membership is being terminated for this reason. You will be given 90 days to spend the accrued Qmiles. Any balance after the 90 days period will be automatically forfeited.


K. Limit of liability

1. Qatar Airways will not be liable for any kind of loss or damage, including (without limitation) any loss or reduction in a Member’s advantages and any detriment or disadvantage, resulting from any alteration to or termination of Qbiz program, the right to earn or redeem Qmiles or any of the Benefits. By using this Website, you agree that Qatar Airways will not be liable to you or to any third party for any direct, indirect, consequential, or any other loss howsoever caused or arising out of or in connection with:

(a) the use of qatarairways.com website;
(b) the use, accessing, downloading, or relying on any information or other materials contained on this Website, including without limitation as a result of any software or computer virus; or
(c) Your access to other third party material via links from this qatarairways.com.
2. The limitations and exclusions of liability referred to in:
a. the Conditions of Carriage will apply in relation to travel on Qatar Airways including Award travel; and
b. the terms and conditions of the Privilege Club will apply in relation to Benefits provided by them.

3. Nothing contained herein limits Qatar Airways liability for injury or death caused by negligence.

4. Qatar Airways is not responsible for any tax liability you or any third party incurs in connection with your Qbiz or Privilege Club membership.


L. Data privacy

1. Qatar Airways is committed to ensuring that all information collected in relation to the Member travelling employees is secure. In order to prevent any unauthorised access or disclosure, Qatar Airways has put in place suitable physical, electronic and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information it collects online.

2. All personal data collected is managed and used in accordance with the Qatar Airways Privacy Policy.  For the purposes of all data protection and privacy issues, including the collection, use, disclosure and transfer of subject personal information and other information, the Privacy Policy takes precedence over any other statement in these Terms and Conditions.

3. By submitting an application and/or using QBiz Program, these Terms and Conditions warrant that the Company/Member has obtained (or undertake to obtain) all necessary consents and agreements from the Company employees in order for the Company/Member to disclose their personal data to Qatar Airways.

4. Qatar Airways may:
a. supply the personal data to its group companies, marketing partners, other airlines, data processors, agents,contractors, immigration and customs authorities,and Governmental Authorities in order to meet its legal obligations;
b. transfer the personal data to other jurisdictions that may offer less protection to personal data than that provided in your own jurisdiction; and
c. process sensitive data including company and employees’ personal data (such as data revealing a medical condition or religious belief etc) only where necessary to meet your special needs and requirements. 

5. Qatar Airways, or a recipient of data under section L.4 (a), may use personal data for one or more of the following purposes:
a. to process and administer an application to join the Qbiz Program;
b. to process a request for any Benefits or other products or services offered by Qatar Airways;
c. to fulfil requests submitted, whether online, over the phone, through our mobile services, or through other methods;
d. to process or confirm travel arrangements;
e. to provide flight delay/disruption passenger handling services;
f. for the operation of Qbiz Program including mileage tracking, delivery of associated Benefits and services, on-going research and program development, as well as delivering news and information to Members, and for other record-keeping purposes related to Qbiz Program;
g. for marketing and promotional purposes, such as conducting market research or sending updates on the latest offers and promotions in connection with Qbiz Program, or other Qatar Airways group companies and its Partners and for assessing eligibility for any marketing and/or promotional activities and/or offers from Qbiz Program, prior consent,;
h. for identification and verification purposes, in connection with any of the Benefits, other products or services that may be supplied;
i. to respond to, handle and process any enquires submitted;
j. to administer competitions conducted by us or on our behalf, including disclosing the winner of any such competition;
k. to maintain and support the Account and facilitate the access to it;
l. to improve security, in example, including but not limited to process payments by credit card and guard against the risk of fraud, or carrying out matching procedures against databases of known fraudulent transactions (maintained by us or third parties), etc;
m. to provide other Qbiz, travel related and/or loyalty program related services;
n. to comply with legal and regulatory requirements; and
o. to pass on to and for the use by any of our subsidiaries, associate companies and/or business associates in connection with any of the above purposes and/or any other travel related services and offers such companies and associates may offer from time to time.

6. Qatar Airways requests the consent to receive communications under section L5g when you apply for Qbiz membership. Consent should also be provided subsequent to any Program enrolment. Consent may be withdrawled at any time in writing to Qatar Airways or by any other means for withdrawing consent made available by Qatar Airways from time to time.

7. Before Qatar Airways discloses any personal data, security questions will be asked to confirm the identity. Such questions will be formulated in relation to the information provided and held by Qatar Airways.

8. The Member is responsible for the security of the online Account. Qatar Airways shall have no liability in the event of disclosure of logon and/or password, whether intentionally or not, so as to allow a third person online access you’re the personal data and to make any Transactions. Qatar Airways reserves the right to block online access to personal data by or through any third party website not authorised by Qatar Airways.

9. The Member is responsible for keeping the contact details up to date in accordance with sections C.6 & D6.  Qatar Airways is not responsible for any loss or damage resulting from your failure to notify a change in address or other changes to the personal data.

10. qatarairways.com and qatarairways.com/qbiz  may contain links to enable visiting other websites. Qatar Airways does not endorse, is not responsible or liable for, and makes no representations as to any aspect contained on any third party website, including, without limitation, their content or the manner in which they handle data or any interaction between you and the provider of such other services.

1.2 Any claim against Qatar Airways if irrevocably waived with respect to such third party websites and products and services which they may offer. Qatar Airways is not liable for any loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with your access or use of any such third party websites or other services, or your reliance on the privacy practices, data security processes or other policies of such third parties. Qatar Airways does not approve or endorse such third party Websites. You agree that your access to such third party websites is solely your responsibility. Any transactions that you engage in with the operators of such third party websites is solely your responsibility and at your own risk. All third party software products downloaded from any section of this Website or via a linked pointed to by qatarairways.com are downloaded, installed and used by You entirely at your own risk. 


M. Other information

1. An entity who is not party to these Terms and Conditions shall have no right under to enforce any term under these Terms and Conditions.

2. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Qatar.

3. Qatar Airways and each Member submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the State of Qatar to resolve disputes arising in connection with the Qbiz Program.

4. If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is invalid, illegal or unenforceable under the law of any jurisdiction, this shall not affect the validity, legality or enforceability of any other provision of these Terms and Conditions under the law of that jurisdiction or any provision of these Terms and Conditions under the law of any other jurisdiction.

5. If Qatar Airways becomes entitled to exercise any right or remedy under these Terms and Conditions or by law or regulation, no failure to exercise, no delay in exercise and no single or partial exercise of that right or remedy shall:
a. adversely affect that right or remedy;
b. waive it; or
c. prevent any further exercise of it or of any other right or remedy.


N. Contact us

Should you need to contact the Local Qbiz Team, please click here to refer to the Qbiz global contact list or write to us at qbiz@qatarairways.com.qa.