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Plan your summer travel. Secure your seats now and get up to 25% Off

Are you planning to travel this summer?

Secure your seats now and benefit from the best offers.
With summer just around the corner, allow Qatar Airways to inspire you to travel by offering destinations that are exotic and yet familiar to you. Take advantage of our attractive fares and relive your wonderful experiences.


With Qatar Airways, fly to more than 140 destinations worldwide for leisure or business. Our award-winning service on the ground and in the air makes every journey a rewarding experience.Book in advance to benefit from our most attractive fares.

Seats are selling fast, so book now till 30th April 2015 for travel until 31st October 2015 and benefit from the best offers available on


Use our extensive network across Europe and Eastern Europe

London image

Fly to this multifaceted continent and discover the unique history and sights of France, Italy, Croatia, Turkey and many more.

Visit your friends and family and together enjoy the mild climate and long sunny days of the European summer.

Don't wait to book your flights online now.

Destinations Economy Class
(All-inclusive fare)
Business Class
(All-inclusive fare)
London 250 BHD 973 BHD
Paris 210 BHD 886 BHD
Frankfurt 216 BHD 832 BHD
Barcelona 261 BHD 1068 BHD
Munich 234 BHD 975 BHD
Manchester 274 BHD 981 BHD
Rome 243 BHD 1034 BHD
Milan 274 BHD 1075 BHD
Istanbul 150 BHD 411 BHD
Madrid 264 BHD 1290 BHD
Geneva 275 BHD 1151 BHD
And many more destinations!

Enjoy a luxurious travel experience on your flight to North or South America

Image of New York

Relish extraordinary cuisine designed by award-winning chefs, choose from over 1000 entertainment options, or just sit back and enjoy your spacious sanctuary in the sky.

Whether you are traveling home to see your family or are on a holiday to explore this vast continent, book your flights now and experience how time flies onboard Qatar Airways.

Destinations Economy Class
(All-inclusive fare)
Business Class
(All-inclusive fare)
New York 378 BHD 1318 BHD
Washington 399 BHD 1396 BHD
Chicago 449 BHD 1443 BHD
Houston 448 BHD 2012 BHD
Dallas 449 BHD 1643 BHD
Miami 439 BHD 1443 BHD
Philadelphia 419 BHD 1343 BHD
And many more destinations!

Benefit from great connectivity to Far East Asia, Indian Subcontinent and Africa

Image of Asia

Visit buzzing cities like Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong, relax at the beaches of the Maldives or Bali or start the adventure trip you have always dreamed of to remote destinations across Far East Asia.

Summer is the perfect time to visit friends and family.

Book your Qatar Airways flights now.

Destinations Economy Class
(All-inclusive fare)
Business Class
(All-inclusive fare)
Bangkok 181 BHD 531 BHD
Phuket 222 BHD 661 BHD
Kuala Lumpur 173 BHD 728 BHD
Singapore 248 BHD 1052 BHD
Narita 507 BHD 1181 BHD
Jakarta 224 BHD 967 BHD
Casablanca 235 BHD 1270 BHD
Tunisia 232 BHD 677 BHD
Trivandrum 139 BHD 477 BHD
Cochin 136 BHD 378 BHD
Banglore 148 BHD 392 BHD
Hyderabad 135 BHD 382 BHD
Colombo 160 BHD 515 BHD
And many more destinations!

Fly to your preferred destination within the Middle East

Image of the Middle East

Take advantage of one of the most extensive route networks within the Middle East and travel in 5-star comfort on your Qatar Airways flight to your preferred destination.

It's time to book your flight and secure the best deal for your travel plans this summer.

Destinations Economy Class
(All-inclusive fare)
Business Class
(All-inclusive fare)
Tehran 116 BHD 309 BHD
Beirut 166 BHD 726 BHD (First)
Mashhad 116 BHD 365 BHD
Doha 46 BHD 137 BHD
And many more destinations!

Terms and Conditions

  • Sales period: 20th April 2015 to 30th April 2015
  • Travel period: from 21st April 2015 until 31st October 2015
  • For Doha, Sales period: 20th April 2015 to 10th May 2015 and travel from 21st April 2015 till 15th June 2015
  • For London, not valid on QR003 and QR004
  • Changes are allowed at a cost of BHD 23 for Economy Class, and BHD 30 for Business Class
  • Blackout (Outbound) - 15th Sept to 25th Sept/25th June to 22nd July/15th July to 26th July
  • Blackout (Inbound) - 21st August to 31st August
  • No Show - BHD 20 for Economy Class and BHD 60 for Business Class
  • Standard child/infant discount apply.
  • Seats are limited and are subject to availability of the relevant booking class.
  • Flight offers include all applicable discounts, fees, taxes and airport charges. 
  • Offer is non-endorsable, and non-transferable.
  • This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions.
  • Cancellation after departure is non refundable.
  • Weekend surcharges applicable, for outbound it is Thursday & Friday.
  • Other terms & conditions apply, please review at the time of booking your flight