Earning Qpoints

Qpoints are awarded to help you to upgrade or renew your Privilege Club membership tier.


Qpoints are earned for the following flights:

  • Any flight marketed* and operated** by Qatar Airways
  • Any flight marketed* and operated** by any oneworld member airline


The number of Qpoints you earn depends on your travel sector, the airline you are flying on and fare paid (booking class). To know how many Qpoints you will earn on your flight, please click here to use our Qcalculator.


Qpoints earned within any 12 month period count towards determining if your membership qualifies for a tier upgrade.  These Qpoints are evaluated daily and members who have achieved the required Qpoints threshold will be upgraded. This means that you can be eligible for an upgrade all year round. The more Qpoints you earn, the higher your membership tier in Privilege Club.


Once your membership tier is upgraded,  at the time of your tier renewal, our tier renewal criteria will consider your flights in last 12 or 24 months (prior to renewal date) to assess if you are eligible for retaining your tier  thus making tier renewal a lot more convenient.


The following chart shows the number of Qpoints required to upgrade and retain your membership tier.



Membership Tiers Qpoints required to upgrade (within any 12 month period) Qpoints required to renew (earned 12 months prior to renewal date) Qpoints required to renew (earned 24 months prior to renewal date)
 Burgundy  None  None  None
 Silver  150 Qpoints  135 Qpoints  270 Qpoints
 Gold  300 Qpoints  270 Qpoints  540 Qpoints
 Platinum  600 Qpoints  540 Qpoints  1,080 Qpoints

 In addition to the above tier qualification and retention criteria, you will need to have earned at least 20% of your Qpoints or have flown 4 sectors (within 12 months prior to retention) or 8 sectors (within 24 months prior to retention) on flights either marketed* or operated** by Qatar Airways.


*Marketed refers to the airline whose flight number is specified on your booking.
**Operated refers to the airline you are flying on.