New Tier Qualification and Renewal Thresholds

New Tier Qualification and Renewal Thresholds

Convenient ways for tier upgrade and renewal

The following changes will be made to the Qpoints required to upgrade to higher membership tiers and renew top membership tiers:


• All members will be able to upgrade to the next membership tier based on the Qpoints earned within any 12 month period.

• Qpoints required to renew a membership tier level will be less than the Qpoints required for a tier upgrade. This means that members will need less Qpoints to renew a tier level than to upgrade, making it easier to renew their membership tier level.


• A new feature where Qpoints earned by a member in the last 24 months will be considered just in case member has not earned sufficient Qpoints required for renewal within the last 12 months.


The below table shows the new Qpoints threshold levels


Membership Tiers

Qpoints required to upgrade (within any 12 month period)

Qpoints required to renew (earned 12 months prior to renewal date)

Qpoints required to renew (earned 24 months prior to renewal date)

Burgundy None None None
Silver 150 Qpoints 140 Qpoints 280 Qpoints
Gold 300 Qpoints 275 Qpoints 550 Qpoints
Platinum 600 Qpoints 550 Qpoints 1,100 Qpoints

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