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Middle East Airlines, the national airline of Lebanon, is one of the leading Middle Eastern carriers. From its home base in Beirut, having one of the most modern fleets in the world, with A330s, A321s and A320s.

Middle East Airlines flies to 30 international destinations in Europe, Middle East and West Africa offering its customers very luxurious services both on ground and onboard reflecting the Lebanese culture and hospitality. At present MEA carries 2.05 million passengers annually. (


Earn Qmiles

Earn Qmiles when flying on MEA marketed* flights that are operated** either by MEA or Qatar Airways.

Eligible booking classes and number of Qmiles earned are as per table below

*Marketed refers to the airline whose flight number is specified on your booking.
**Operated refers to the airline you are flying on.



For travel until 30 April 2016

Cabin class Booking class Qmiles accrual Minimum Qmiles required
Business J, 200% 300
C,D,I,Z 125% 300
O 0% 0
Economy Y, B,M,U,K 100% 300
H,L,Q,T,N 50% 300
R,V 25% 300
A,S,E,G 0% 0
W,X 0% 0


For travel on or after 1st May 2016

Cabin class Booking class Qmiles accrual Minimum Qmiles required
Business J 200% 300
C 150% 300
D,I,Z 125% 300
O 0% 0
Economy Y, B,M 100% 300
U,K,H 75% 300
L,Q,T 50% 300
N,R,V 25% 300
A,S,E,G 0% 0%
W,X 0% 0%


  • Flights ME 205, ME 206, ME 3300, ME 3301, ME4400, ME4401, ME 5500, ME 5501 are excluded from mileage accrual.


Redeem Qmiles

To redeem your Qmiles for complimentary flights with MEA, click here


Claim Missing Qmiles

To claim missing Qmiles with MEA, click here

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