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In Sri Lanka, HSBC is the largest foreign bank and the third largest private bank. With over 200,000 credit cards in circulation—amounting to a market share of approximately one-third—HSBC is the undisputed leader in the cards industry in Sri Lanka. The HSBC credit card commands global recognition as well and is accepted at over 17 million establishments worldwide.

Privilege Club members in Sri Lanka holding a HSBC credit card will benefit from this partnership with Qatar Airways. Simply call the HSBC 24-hour Customer Service hotline on 4 511511 or 2 511611 to register for the HSBC Mileage Rewards programme and become eligible to convert your Rewards Points into Qmiles:


Earning Qmiles

Earn 1 Qmile for every 100 LKR spent on your card (Minimum conversion of 500 HSBC Rewards Points required).


Claim Missing Qmiles

To claim missing Qmiles with HSBC Sri Lanka, click here

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