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With effect from 1st January 2017, Asiana Airlines will cease to be an airline partner of Qatar Airways Privilege Club. For more information and to find out how this will affect you, please click here.

Every journey begins with the first step. Asiana, took that first step in 1988 when it was introduced as the second flag carrier in Korea. On the occasion of its 15th Anniversary in 2003, Asiana took its next major step in joining the Star Alliance network.


With its modern fleet of 70 aircraft, Asiana today serves 67 cities and 85 routes in 21 countries, not including 12 destinations within Korea. As the foreign airline with the largest network between mainland China and the rest of the world, Asiana focuses not only on playing a significant role in covering all major Asian destinations, but is also expanding its global network coverage. In 2011, Asiana carried more than 14 million passengers with 260 scheduled daily flights. Asiana has 8,664 employees, comprised of 1,193 pilots, 3,157 flight attendants and 4,314 staff.


Earn Qmiles

Earn Qmiles when flying on Asiana  marketed* flights that are operated** either by Asiana or Qatar Airways.


Eligible booking classes and number of Qmiles earned are as per table below.


*Marketed refers to the airline whose flight number is specified on your booking.
**Operated refers to the airline you are flying on.


Cabin class Booking class Qmiles accrual
First F, A, P 300%
O 0%



C, D, J, Z 200%
U 100%
I,R 0%

Y, E, B, M, H, Q, 100%
 K, S 70%
G, T, V, W 50%
L,X,N 0%

Note: U class accrual is effective from 15 July 2012.


Redeem Qmiles

To redeem your Qmiles for complimentary flights with Asiana, click here


Claim Missing Qmiles

To claim missing Qmiles with Asiana, click here

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