Excess Baggage Awards

Excess Baggage Award is a redemption option from Privilege Club that gives you the opportunity to make the most of your Qmiles – Travel with that extra luggage at no fee!


You can redeem your Qmiles for excess baggage on Qatar Airways flights for yourself or anyone else.


The Qmiles required for Excess Baggage Awards will depend on where your travel sector. To know how many Qmiles you will require for Excess Baggage Awards on Qatar Airways, please click here to use our Qcalculator.


To redeem this award option, simply log into your membership account to request an Excess Baggage Award at least 6 hours prior to departure. Alternatively, visit any Qatar Airways office nearest to you. Redeem now!


With our new reward benefit – Qcredits, Gold and Platinum members will also be able to redeem their Qcredits for excess baggage on Qatar Airways flights for themselves or anyone else. Gold and Platinum members will have the flexibility to choose between Qmiles and Qcredits as a payment option during redemption for excess baggage. To know more about Qcredits, click here


The Excess baggage allowance must comply with Qatar Airways baggage policy. To learn more, click here


Terms and Conditions:
• Baggage awards are applicable only on confirmed and ticketed sectors marketed and operated by Qatar Airways and are limited to one award per one-way trip (from origin to destination). Revenue or award tickets must be issued before Baggage Awards requests are submitted.
• Excess Baggage Awards can only be used on Qatar Airways flights and not code-shared nor partner airlines.
• Members can redeem Baggage Awards for family and friends, provided they are travelling on Qatar Airways.
• To avail of this option, members are required to request an Excess Baggage Award at least 48 hours prior to departure date/time.
• Printed Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD) should be presented upon check in and its acceptance is subject to payload availability according to Ground Services Procedure.
• Excess Baggage Awards once issued are non-refundable
• Change of date or flight number for the same route is permitted free of cost (only one permitted). Rerouting and/or any other change is not permitted.
• In case of changes in the itinerary, the member is responsible for informing Qatar Airways to update the excess baggage award with new travel dates. Failure to update may lead to denial of excess baggage benefit at the time of check-in
• Validity of redeemed Excess Baggage Award is for one year in case of date change in the ticket.
• Excess Baggage Award is in accordance to the restrictions of purchased revenue/redemption tickets. If Excess Baggage Award is associated to a forfeited sector, it will also be forfeited.
• Excess baggage awards are for single use only. If the baggage allowance within an award is not completely utilized remainder allowance cannot be refunded or reused.
• Excess Baggage Award may not be guaranteed due to technical limitations e.g. flight loads. In case Excess Baggage Award could not be utilized due to reasons classified as “technical” then Qmiles will be credited back to the member’s account.
• Maximum excess baggage allowance per award is 10kg or one (1) additional piece for the requested one way trip per passenger.